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    Guardian of Whitsand Bay Since 1867

    Granite staircases spiral towards huge vaulted ceilings and rows of windows face out to sea. If you want a unique or unusual wedding, this is ‘the one’.

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      One Love

      You’ve found ‘the one’ partner, it seems right to find ‘the one’ wedding venue that’s your perfect match too. But traipsing between hotels, on the hunt for a unique wedding venue, you can start to glaze over. Well, pass the smelling salts because Polhawn Fort is something else entirely. A real Napoleonic Fort, complete with cannon, drawbridge and walls eight feet thick, it’s the real deal.

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      Fully loaded

      with history

      Find out more about some unique characteristics you may not have known about before at Cornwall's most unique wedding venue by exploring our history doc below.

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      • Swirl

        Polhawn Fort is packed FULL of history and old memories: from features such as bomb-proofing and cannon racer rails, to historical writings from First World War soldiers preserved on the wall! We have placed a selection of images in the gallery below that highlight some of the truly unique characteristics Polhawn Fort has to offer.